Prior to publishing, Aaron Tanner was Ween's resident designer for over 20 years. Most notably, he created artwork for fourteen of their albums as well as multiple logos, websites, and various merchandise. Below is a small sample of his work.

Ween logo, Moistboyz logo, Gene Ween logo, Chocodog Records logo
Ween '1996-2000', Ween 'All Request Live', Dean Ween 'October Classic
Ween 'La Cucaracha
Ween 'Pickle Jar' poster, Ween 'Shinola, Vol. 1', Gene Ween 'Dog' t-shirt
Ween 'At the Cat's Cradle, 1992'
Ween 'The Stallion' t-shirt, Ween 'Gabrielle'
Ween 'Live at Stubb's, 7/2000'
Ween 'The Friends EP', Gene Ween 'Tooth' poster, Ween 'Boognish Tentacles' t-shirt
Ween 'Monique the Freak'
Ween website
Moistboyz 'Live Jihad', Moistboyz 'IV'
Ween 'God Ween Satan: Live'