March 23, 2021


Lil BUB's endearing story and overwhelming charisma cemented her in both pop culture and digital legend. Found in a toolshed as a feral kitten, she was born with extreme feline dwarfism, an underdeveloped jaw, no teeth, extra toes and claws, and serious health issues including osteopetrosis, a very rare bone disease. Her owner, Mike Bridavsky, shared BUB’s story online and soon her unique appearance and lovable personality connected with a global audience. She garnered millions of views and followers, making her one of the first "Internet cats" as well as a champion for special-needs pets.

And if you think it's an odd leap to go from books on the Butthole Surfers and Ministry to a cat, Bridavsky helps give the situation more context. "As with all things BUB, everything came together serendipitously after she departed back into space and our longtime friend and collaborator Aaron Tanner (who was responsible for designing BUB's website, and most of her merchandise) began designing and manufacturing coffee table books for notable bands. To commemorate the unmistakable good she brought to us in her 8+ short years on Earth, Aaron and I have decided to collaborate on this beautiful book."

Lil BUB: The Earth Years is a fully authorized visual history with 376 pages of never-before-seen photos, artwork, and other memorabilia. It features a foreword by Steve Albini (Shellac), introduction by Jackson Galaxy, epilogue by Mike Bridavsky, and exclusive quotes from Whoopi Goldberg, Jack Black, Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Norbert, Hannah Shaw (Kitten Lady), Marnie The Dog, Andrew W.K., El-P (Run The Jewels), Kelley Deal (The Breeders), David Yow (The Jesus Lizard), Aesop Rock, and more!