Pixies: A Visual History, Volume 1

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“The Pixies’ legend is at the heart of this book.”

“Rare, vintage photos and the stories behind them.”

Before the Pixies were credited with changing rock history, cited as the true forebears to Nirvana’s place in the alt-rock canon, and recognized as one of the greatest bands of all time, they were just a group of four people who started playing catchy, visceral music together in Massachusetts in the mid-’80s. That aspect of the Pixies’ legend is at the heart of Pixies: A Visual History, Volume 1, a coffee-table book that covers the first phase of the iconic band’s career, from just before their 1986 formation to their contentious breakup in 1993.

Pixies: A Visual History, Volume I showcases the early years of this extraordinary group through photos and memorabilia provided by the band, family, friends, and the people who were there. A must-have for any Pixies fan!

Signed by Black Francis.


12” X 9" casebound, foil-stamped, 232 pages
PUBLISHED: September 30, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-991-50760-3

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